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Sunday, 18 October 2015

58 Beverley Hills, Ballito - Saying hello!

Since selling and saying goodbye to my 3-bedroomed ground-floor unit in Malibu (Beverley Hills, Ballito, KwaZulu Natal) above in August 2003, I purchased a 3-bedroomed free-standing house in the same complex, on which construction was just starting in August 2003. I knew it would take a month or three and I just couldn't wait for it to get finished!

The foundations of my new house in August 2003

 I was going down to Ballito on a regular basis, once a week, to check on the progress, and six weeks later, in mid-October 2003, the building was nearly complete and up to roof height!

Soon they would be starting finishing off the inside; tiling, installing kitchen and bathrooms, built-in cupboards, ceilings, painting etc, I could hardly wait!

The amazing view from the front patio of the house over all the rubble and construction work. And luckily nothing else can be built in front of me, so the view is forever!

Catch me next time when I show the interior and finishes of the house. I'm already planning the dΓ©cor and furnishings and am totally excited!

Hope you have a fabulous day!


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